The Foil Men – Strange Entities From Time or Space?

We all have heard (and joked) about “little green men”, but what about little silver ones?

And where would they come from if not a spaceship, the planet Mars or some tear in the time space continuum?

Well, the answer (or one that makes sense) might just surprise you!


Have a look as Author M.L. Behrman brings you another fascinating episode of “Mojave Mysteries” on YouTube!

Needles, California 2008 UFO Crash

It seems when it comes to UFOs coming down, the desert is the favorite place to crash land. And in 2008, in the small Mojave Desert town of Needles, California, we have an incident that contains all the elements of your classic “crashed UFO” story – a mysterious object that falls from the sky, black helicopters allegedly from Area 51 and of course, those mavens of mischief – the infamous Men In Black….

Join Author M.L. Behrman as he tells the story…

Now, to be sure, many serious researchers and authors have studied this case, and it definitely makes one wonder … but what actually fell from the skies that night? And WHO was behind it?

Alien Encounter in The Mojave Desert – or Something ELSE?

So many UFO stories seem to have the same ingredients, as if the people experiencing it are all encountering the same thing – but are they?

Could the desert itself have a consciousness or hand in things? And is it mainly our perceptions, based on culture and beliefs be what “shapes” the encounter?

Author M.L. Behrman brings you another Mojave Mysteries video exploring just that:

Sometimes it’s not what happened, but what we THINK or BELIEVE happened!

The Caveman of Giant Rock

In 1942, a mysterious man blew himself up with dynamite as three Sheriff deputies knocked at his door. His name? Frank Kritzer. His location? A unique cave home he had fashioned under a gigantic boulder way out in the Mojave Desert, the aptly-named “Giant Rock” near Landers, California. His crime?

Nazi spy? Dynamite thief? Discoverer of a portal to the next world and UFO hot spot?

We don’t know. The strange man took his secrets to the grave, but in this episode of “Mojave Mysteries”, Author M.L. Behrman takes us to the spot and details the crazy story that has led to years of conflicting theories and fascinating conjecture.

Just who WAS the caveman of Giant Rock?