Old Devil Cult Tale In The Mojave

  Numerous bodies have been found in the vast Mojave Desert. Some the victims of bad luck, poor preparation or  simple bloody murder.

Crimes of passion? Or something slightly more sinister?

The idea that the desert holds places where cults and Black Masses operate is nothing new. Many people think it started with Charles Manson and his crazed “family” of hippies, but the idea that strange groups were operating out in the hot wilds of the desert is indeed an old one.

Take this article from The Sacramento Union of September 21st, 1914:

Special to the Union. TONOPAH (Nev.), Sept. 20. — That four prospectors, instead of one, have perished in the desert of Death Valley, is the belief of Sheriff Malley of this city and authorities of Inyo county, California. A report was recently brought to Rhyolite by two prospectors that the body of a man, with head and hands missing, supposedly eaten away by coyotes, had been seen near Stovepipe Wells, 35 miles from Rhyolite, in Inyo county. When Sheriff Malley communicated this information to Inyo county authorities he was informed that the dead man was believed to be one of a party of four prospectors, who recently left to prospect on and cross the desert together. Searching parties are being organized from both Tonopah and Inyo counties.


If you’ve read my book, you know that this was part of a series of strange finds that people attributed to a “known dark organization” said to be operating in the desert at the time. Back then it was only hinted at, but others came right out and deemed it the activity of Satanic Cults or Devil Worshipers. The authorities of the era tried to keep a lid on things by blaming such murders and mutilations on natural causes (i.e., coyotes) but the locals were sure something else was at work. Whispered around the campfire or dinner table was the story that followers of the “Dark One” were responsible for such finds and outrages.

Does it continue today? Stay tuned for a new episode of “Mojave Mysteries” where we deal with a recent tale of Satanic rituals and bloodshed!