Surviving Flying Dinosaurs in The Desert?

Strange Flying Creatures Sighted

One of the more strange, and frankly bizarre things to come from the desert has to be accounts of surviving flying dinosaurs.

Yes, you read that right – people still report seeing strange flying reptiles from time to time. And many swear they can be only one thing – dinosaurs that have yet to get the memo that they are supposed to be extinct!

Is such a thing possible?

While other reports of living dinosaurs, both aged and modern have been pretty much discredited. Many still hold out hope that the smaller flying reptiles might just survive.

Almost all scientists will tell you no; there are no surviving dinosaurs anywhere in the wild today. Flying or otherwise.

Then why do these reports keep coming in?

Misidentified – or Missing Link?

Some obviously have to be misidentified modern animals – perhaps a large eagle or pelican seen at dusk. (Yes, pelicans can be seen in the desert. Watch the episode below to see reports of surviving flying dinosaurs and the occasional wayward pelican too)

But many times the reports, both historical and modern, contain no such confusion. They swear they’ve seen a surviving flying dinosaur – a pterodactyl to be exact.

Here are two of the historical accounts;

“In August of 1891, The Los Angeles Herald carried this story:

Hunters north of Bakersfield had told people in Fresno they had seen not one, but two giant flying reptiles while out in the field. Described as “monstrosities that were half-bird and half-alligator’ – the creatures had swooped on the hunters, snapping their jaws and making sounds that sounded quote “like a swan, but not a swan”.”

Or this one:

“in 1908 two associates of the British Museum were hunting for fossils in a cave near Malibu ranch when they were supposedly driven off by a huge flying creature described as “half bat and half- reptile” and resembling, in their words a living Pterodactyl. The creature escaped into the mountains toward the desert.”

That certainly doesn’t sound much like a giant bird does it? Although there are reports of monster birds being seen in the desert, these people claimed that the animal they encountered was definitely a reptile of some sort.

Could a Dinosaur Survive Today in The Desert?

Almost certainly not – at least nothing huge. Aside from the requirements of diet and a sizable breeding population. Nothing that large would go long without being found, filmed, and most likely shot.

But what about something smaller? Something that could take to the air and hid away in the vast crags and crevices of the Mojave Desert?

Well, again, it seems highly unlikely. But I’ll be the first to admit people still claim to see strange flying reptiles (and other weird winged creatures) flitting about the sky.

Let’s take a look at some of the descriptions people use when reporting what they term “surviving flying dinosaurs”.

  • Large head
  • No tail
  • Leathery or scaly skin and hide
  • Huge claws
  • No feathers
  • Bat-like wings – webbed skin stretched between “fingers”
  • Shrieking cry or call
  • Gliding and only occasional flapping of wings

So what does that sound like to you?

I can’t really hazard a guess, but if I saw something like that I’d mostly likely call it a surviving flying dinosaur too.

A True Mojave Desert Mystery

At the end of the day, what we have it just that – a mystery. And although I’d love to see a surviving flying dinosaur, the evidence is still thin.

But people are seeing something! And I’d certainly love to see any pictures or video witnesses might care to share. Wouldn’t we all?

But as in so many of the paranormal – or unknown science, we are left in the dark as to the true nature of the phenomenon people encounter.

So let the search continue!

And please, if you do see something flying around like what has been described.

Get a PICTURE!!!

Take care-


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