Mystery Airships of The Old West

Did cowboys see UFOs? Were there newspaper reports of strange flying craft and contact with their pilots?

You Bet!

Starting in the early 1850’s, people all across the west, cowboys and “city slickers” were seeing strange lights and craft in the sky. Some even claimed to have been able to make out humans or strange entities aboard the aerial visitors and of course, there were even reports of crashes and people actually coming face to face with the pilots and crews of these mysterious craft.

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One of the most interesting aspects of the phenomenon, is how it seemed to mirror the technology of the day to some extent. Many of the silent machines were described as “air ships” or “dirigibles”, exactly the kind of air-going craft humans of the time were working on, but no where near as able or capable as what was being observed in the night skies.

Was a secret or hidden hand guiding us? Did a higher intelligence hope to entice us to further exploits by showing us what was possible?

It’s an interesting aspect that I think many times is over-looked.

Now, that’s not to say some of the pilots encountered didn’t claim to be from Mars or some other fairly typical home for venturing aliens, but it does make one wonder if these things might yet be found to be from here on Earth or a different dimension. Either way, it’s a trip to think that people in the old west were also seeing things in the night sky they couldn’t explain and the phenomenon continues out in the Mojave Desert to this day!

Author M.L. Behrman brings you the TRUE story of cowboys and aliens!