The Desert Dungeon – Joshua Tree’s Iron Door Cave

In Joshua Tree National Park there is a small cave sealed with an iron door – a cave that has as many fantastic stories associated with it as any good source of urban legends. Some are innocent, but some are pretty exciting – and dark!

Was it a simple storage site for miner’s explosives? A repository for gold (stolen and otherwise) Or is it the Desert Dungeon where a hideously deformed child was kept until his escape?

Join Author M.L. Behrman as he explores the story of “The Desert Dungeon”


Another great bit of high desert strangeness and true creepy story time from Mojave Mysteries!

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Unknown Animals In The Desert

If you’ve read my book, Mojave Mysteries , you know that there are many stories of strange and bizarre animals in the desert. Some of the most sensational came from the 1800’s when explorers (read: white men) first started penetrating and documenting the great Mojave. And even then people were posting photographic “proof” that things as crazy as living dinosaurs and giant flying reptiles still survived.

Unknown cryptids in the desert

Many times these would be posted on a saloon wall and the lore of the Mojave is rife with stories by old cowboys who’ve claimed to have seen “the varmint” with their own eyes. But could the vast desert still hold cryptids and unknown animals? Most certainly – but I would realistically expect them to be of the insect and small reptile variety. But who knows? I’ve gathered stories of everything from living sauropods to giant tarantulas in my book from people in all walks of life – right up to the present.

Another reason I find the Mojave Desert such a fascinating place!