When Your Pet Starts To Smoke

Missing cigarettes and burns on the couch can be a pretty good indicator your pet has taken up smoking. It could be due to stress, wanting to imitate the owner or just wanting to “look cool.” Be alert to any changes in behavior – staying out late, being disruptive or listening to loud and abrasive music. It might be time to take a firm stand!

smoking rabbit

Your Flying Car

Remember when every show and cartoon of the 1960’s promised we’d all be jetting around in our flying cars by the year 2000?

Well, maybe only if you’re an aging boomer, but somehow we all thought this would be parked in our driveways by now….

I wish!

A Boy And His Chicken

I would love to know the circumstances behind this old picture of a child smoking accompanied by his chicken. A favorite pet? Just a day on farm? A social statement from a time long passed? Interesting…