The Capay Curiosity – Bigfoot in The 1800’s?

Some of the most interesting tales of cryptids and “man-beasts” can be found in the archives of old newspapers from 1800’s.

Like this delightful little tale from Capay, California, published in 1891. It never uses the term “Bigfoot”, but rather, calls its hairy two-legged protagonist a “Throw-back”, “Prehistoric Terror” or a favorite – the “What-Is-It?”

Join Author M.L. Behrman as he relates the strange tale of the “Capay Curiosity” in this latest episode of Mojave Mysteries on YouTube.

A furious rascal to be sure!

The Dark Watchers

There’s an old saying that “The hills have eyes” and aside from being a rather crappy horror movie, one might be surprised to learn of a phenomenon that may give some credence to the idea.

The Dark Watchers

Reports of strange shadowy figures peering down from the heights and crags of coastal mountains and the desert have trickled down over the years in California.

Some even suggest the Native Americans have lived with such “creatures” for eons, having come to an understanding of their power and purpose.

But have they?

Watch this episode of Mojave Mysteries and let Author M.L. Behrman share some tales and triva about the bizarre and creepy phenomenon known as “The Dark Watchers”.

What do YOU think they could be?

Could the Dark Watchers be ghosts?

While there have been many ghost stories in the Mojave, they usually involve having a dead person (or one who was once living, obviously) coming back to send a message or haunt a person or place. And since many of these beings are reported to be much bigger than a normal-sized human, it looks like they are something else entirely.

But that’s more a guess than anything, I don’t know – DO ghosts come back in larger-than-life proportions? If they do, then maybe these ARE the spirits of deceased people who want to protect and guard the high mountains and passes of the desert?

Could the Dark Watchers be living beings?

Well since they have all the hallmarks of a spirit or spiritual entity – silent, semi-transparent, able to vanish at will – it would be difficult to see how they could be any type of living being…

At least, one that at present WE know about. But many psychics and mediums believe that many of there ethereal visitors and clients ARE actual living life forms, so who knows? Maybe you just have to be on a higher level of consciousness to see or interact with them.

Could the Dark Watchers be hallucinations?

It is certainly possible, and many people believe they are just that – a hallucination brought on by the stress of the environment or a lack of oxygen due to being in high altitudes. Its been known to happen enough to have its own scientific term – Hypemic hypoxia – and here is a recent article about climbers dealing with it that you might find interesting.

Although it does take some of the charm and magic out of the idea of there being actual Dark Watchers standing guard over the high places and mountain wonders of the natural world.

So what’s your take?

Me? I love the idea of Mother Nature setting sentinels to stand guard over her pristine domains, but then, I love the bizarre and mysterious anyhow!