The Coso Artifact – Proof or Goof?

Did ancient astronauts (aka “Aliens”) leave behind proof of their visit? Or did careless time travelers come through a wormhole and drop a device needed to get home?

Or maybe, it’s a little more mundane and closer to home then one would think-

Of course, we’re talking about The Coso Artifact, a Mojave Mystery that ticks all the boxes  …perhaps


A fascinating little tale brought to you by Author M.L. Behrman and sure to have you wondering!



Road Ghost Phenomenon And Other Desert Spirits

Growing up, I’m sure you heard stories about people who picked up hitchhikers …usually something strange happened …or worse.

Or the stories of people encountering strange and bizarre figures along the road, almost always somewhere remote and during the darkest hours of the night.

In the Mojave, it’s often called “The Road Ghost Phenomenon” and countless people have sworn it happened to them – or someone they knew – or heard about.

But does it have a historical counterpart? Let Author M.L. Behrman tell you a tale that might go back hundreds of years…

It’s a common enough bit of haunted lore heard across the country, but in the Mojave Desert, it has a slightly different flavor…