Giant Spider Encounter in The Mojave?

Everybody has an opinion about spiders, right? Some love ’em, some hate ’em and some just run at the thought of finding an eight-legged visitor in their home …or, shudder, bed?

How about a spider big enough to take down a man? Could such a thing exist? And if so, where in the world would such a monster call home?

How about the Mojave Desert?

At least, that’s what one woman claimed, as well as many old newspaper accounts from the last two centuries. Intrigued? Then join Author M.L. Behrman in this latest episode of “Mojave Mysteries” and see what YOU think about what possibly could be the biggest spider in the world…

It’s a deliciously creepy little tale for anyone freaked out by spiders…

Most people and scientists believe currently the biggest spider in the world is either the Goliath spider of South America  (also called the “bird eating spider) or the giant Huntsman spider of Australia – a couple of hairy crawling nightmares if ever there was one. But what about the huge spider reportedly seen in the Mojave Desert?

Even former military people have recounted seeing what surely would have to have been considered the biggest spider ever recorded out in the more remote and seldom visited parts of the desert.

It might even be the biggest spider in history! Now wouldn’t THAT be cool …er, or CREEPY!