The Tasmanian Tiger Alive?

For years people have reported seeing an animal that has been widely thought to have gone extinct back in the 1930’s on the island of Tasmania.

But over the decades, many reasonable people have claimed to have witnessed the animal only to be laughed at and labeled a “nut”.

And now there might actually be some proof, or at least official interest in the possibility that the animal is still alive.

Could other beasts and beasties people have claimed contact with over the years? Even in our Mojave Desert?



The Caveman of Giant Rock

In 1942, a mysterious man blew himself up with dynamite as three Sheriff deputies knocked at his door. His name? Frank Kritzer. His location? A unique cave home he had fashioned under a gigantic boulder way out in the Mojave Desert, the aptly-named “Giant Rock” near Landers, California. His crime?

Nazi spy? Dynamite thief? Discoverer of a portal to the next world and UFO hot spot?

We don’t know. The strange man took his secrets to the grave, but in this episode of “Mojave Mysteries”, Author M.L. Behrman takes us to the spot and details the crazy story that has led to years of conflicting theories and fascinating conjecture.

Just who WAS the caveman of Giant Rock?

Mystery Grave In The Desert







Intrinsic to any mystery is the simple fact we don’t have all the facts – often we are left with just enough information to leave us scratching our heads and wondering what possibly could of happened.

Take this wonderful old clipping from the San Francisco Call of July, 31 1903:

“Desert Grave Hides Mystery

IMPERIAL, July 30.— A mystery has developed at the abandoned Carlssa Creek oil well, twenty-five miles west of Imperial, one of the least frequented spots of the Colorado desert. Persons returning from there say they saw a grave three hundred feet from the well – on which a headboard had been placed bearing the words “Horse Thief Killed, May Second.” An old man, whose name is not known and who has been staying at the well some months, was not to be found. The grave was not opened and no investigation has been made.”

So much for an answer! A simple grave and headboard, although with the info that an old man had disappeared. Was he the occupant of the grave? Caught stealing a horse and dispatched without fanfare? Or was he possibly the one who killed the horse thief and now had fled back into the desert to escape the law?

A simple little desert mystery with just enough information to tantalize us. I love it!


Death Valley UFO Crash of 1949

Did a UFO crash in the Badwater area of Death Valley in the summer of 1949? Two prospectors swore that not only did a “flying saucer” crash near their mine, they also encountered the Alien pilots!

Now I suppose you would automatically think of the Roswell “incident”, but in this case, there is also actual documentation in the form of a sworn statement before the justice of the peace that the two men dictated and signed about the whole thing! What would drive otherwise sane and upstanding prospectors to rush into the nearest town and report to the authorities that they had witnessed a UFO crash, something that would surely get one branded as “nuts”. Back in those days, there wasn’t much money to be made with such claims.

So what drove them?

And what ACTUALLY did they say transpired? See for yourself in this favorite Mojave Mysteries episode-

Watch the story on YouTube as Author M.L. Behrman explores the strange tale of a desert UFO crash that happened over two years after the famously reported Roswell incident of 1947. It remains of the most under-reported of numerous Death Valley mysteries and one that is exclusive to my channel.

The late 1940’s seemed to be a perilous time for UFO pilots!