The Mysterious Devil’s Hole of Death Valley

About the last place you might think a story about water monsters, missing scuba divers and endangered fish would be set …is in Death Valley.

Yet, there is just such a location and it is richly steeped in legend and mystery. Named “Devil’s Hole”, this anomaly has played host to everything from Native American creature tales to being considered a mysterious portal to an ancient underground city by none other than convicted serial killer Charles Manson.


Join host and Author M.L. Behrman as he relates the history and mystery of Death Valley’s Devil’s Hole…

One question – would you have gone down there with a scuba tank, at night, in the dark?


The Desert Dungeon – Joshua Tree’s Iron Door Cave

In Joshua Tree National Park there is a small cave sealed with an iron door – a cave that has as many fantastic stories associated with it as any good source of urban legends. Some are innocent, but some are pretty exciting – and dark!

Was it a simple storage site for miner’s explosives? A repository for gold (stolen and otherwise) Or is it the Desert Dungeon where a hideously deformed child was kept until his escape?

Join Author M.L. Behrman as he explores the story of “The Desert Dungeon”


Another great bit of high desert strangeness and true creepy story time from Mojave Mysteries!

A Living Dinosaur in Death Valley?

Early explorers to Death Valley reported many new and interesting things; flora, fauna and Native American peoples.

But one of the strangest things that made the papers was – a living dinosaur?

Join Author M.L. Behrman as he examines the case of the living dinosaur!

Termed a “wonder of the ages”, this creature was reported by prospectors, cowboys and one, ahem, scientist – was it real? Or more mirage and bad whiskey? An exciting story from the old west.

Crazy Desert Characters

I put together a small collection of videos from some desert characters that might interest people. All are sincere and unique. I endorse nobody’s politics or beliefs, merely present them for your entertainment and edification.

With that out of the way, let’s enjoy some people watching!

The desert is a fascinating place, no less because of the people that are drawn to it as much as the animals and beautiful vistas.